Richard Lamb

Over 35 years as a Bible teacher

Over 35 years as a Bible teacher, trainer and ministry development leader with a track record of seeing extraordinary ministry growth and strategic organizational and leadership development. Undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Economics, and an MA in Organizational Development and Leadership. More

20,000 Hours:  Sketches of Leadership have been developed out of Richard Lamb's 20,000+ hours of personal and corporate Bible study and Bible study leadership. His hours in Scripture combine with his understanding of and experience in discipleship and leadership training to make these Scripture study tools powerful in the hands of an experienced trainer, and supportive and developmental in the hands of a young leader wanting to grow.

Cross Cultural Teacher and Trainer:  Richard has taught leadership development in more than 30 countries, in Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and in Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. To read more about the ministry he and his wife share as educators and leader developers, visit their blog.  

Discipleship and Community: Richard Lamb has written two books discussing the connection between Discipleship and Community, key themes of his teaching and foci of his life. (He and his wife Lisa have lived with over 70 people over their nearly 3.5 decades of marriage. Their first year of married life they lived with 7 other campus ministers and volunteers in a ministry house in Santa Cruz, California, near the UC campus there.) Following Jesus in the "Real World": Discipleship for the Post-College Years is written to help graduating students and recent graduates to navigate the turns and perils of finding a job, finding a church, experiencing deep community and growing in faith and trust in God. The Pursuit of God in the Company of Friends is a broader book about the choices that disciples can make to go deeper in community to nourish their faith, and to grow in relationship with God to sustain friendships and community. (This second book is available in a free download below--click on the book.)


Following Jesus in the "Real World"

Discipleship for the Post-College Years

What does it mean to follow Jesus after college?

If it was ever easy to graduate from college, choose a direction, and move on in life, it's not easy today. The terrain is unmapped, the destination uncertain, the stakes high.

To add to the pressure, Christians often find themselves looking back nostalgically on their school days. Then they knew genuine community, found time to pray, weren't obsessed with money. The "real world" they were promised (or threatened with) during college turns out to be a maze in the haze. Where is God in all this?

The Pursuit of God in the Company of Friends

You were not meant to walk alone. Many of us struggle to forge deep relationships with God and other people. Modern society has isolated us as rugged individuals, deceiving us into thinking we can make it through life on our own. Individualism has likewise shaped the pattern of Christian discipleship, privatizing faith and separating us from fellow believers. But we come to know God best when others help us on the way. And our friendships develop best when we seek after God together. What would it look like to pursue God not by ourselves but in the company of friends? According to the model of the New Testament, spiritual transformation takes place in the context of Christian community.
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