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Bible study

Does this sound familiar?

You would like to begin the next leadership team meeting with a short Bible study that addresses timely issues. You wish you had prepared sooner.

  • Your small group Bible study is out of ideas. Watching videos is not really Bible study, but no one feels they are a Bible scholar enough to prepare from scratch.
  • Your ministry is growing, but you simply don't have enough leaders. You need constantly to be preparing new leaders and challenging existing leaders to grow as well.
  • Your ministry organization is beginning a change initiative, and you would like to open Scripture, seeking God's guidance to help your senior leaders prepare and plan for the rollout.

Consider taking a look at Sketches of Leadership to see if these downloadable tools could help you solve your immediate problem, but also to enhance your teaching and training effectiveness, to strengthen your leadership team for ministry growth and fruitfulness, and to deepen your own faith through the study of God's Word. It costs nothing to try. Take a look around. 

Each Sketch is organized around the following pattern:

  • discussion-based Biblical study,
  • brief summary in lecture format, and
  • small group discussion using case studies, personal inventories, interactive exercises or reflection questions.

These Sketches are built to take 45-60 minutes for a small group experience but could be done well one-on-one in 30 minutes. Individuals eager to grow can also use Sketches of Leadership in their individual Bible study.   Already convinced? From here you can learn how to use the Sketches or visit the Library and see the breadth of available Sketches. Or read on to learn more about how Sketches can up your game, whether as an emerging leader or an experienced trainer.

Quality Curriculum for Emerging Leaders

Sketches of Leadership forms the basic components of a complete leadership training curriculum that help young disciples become servants, shepherds, wise influencers, visionaries, managers, sponsors and leader developers over time. 

  • THOROUGHLY BIBLICAL: the Sketches are built not around alliterative lists but an inductive study of Scripture.
  • THOROUGHLY INTERACTIVE: the Sketches are built not around a flamboyant story-telling personality but the shared experience in Scripture and its application to the lives of group members.
  • THOROUGHLY INSIGHTFUL: the Sketches bring keen insights for ministry that are immediately practical and useful.
  • THOROUGHLY INTEGRATED: the Sketches emphasize the character and faith development of the leader and not simply rote application of techniques.
  • THOROUGHLY PRACTICAL: with a skilled use of case studies and personal exercises, the Biblical insights are brought home with memorable and useful tools and skills.

This material has been developed and tested in countless settings with Christian students, seminarians, church planters, lay leaders and leader developers around the world. ​​​​​

Quality Resources for Experienced Trainers

The modular nature of the Sketches makes it possible for an experienced trainer to find specific help:

  • ideas for a training session,
  • material on a particular topic to grow young disciples,
  • leadership insights on a single passage of Scripture.

The experienced trainer can explore new Sketches of Leadership topics and quickly get a sense of key leadership concepts or insights in the text. The leadership resources are built into the Sketches of Leadership--no additional material is necessary. No books need to be purchased or bulky manuals acquired, nor any formal training or credentialing is needed to make full use of the curriculum.
The Sketches of Leadership resources help you to bring Scripture, together with your own story and your understanding of your ministry context, into very practical focused application. Whether you are using the printed pages, or just borrowing some of the insights, Sketches of Leadership will help you deepen your own leadership understanding and bring sharper clarity and wisdom to those you teach and train.

Email Support

If you have questions, either about a particular usage case for Sketches of Leadership, or about the possibility of translation support, please email us directly at the Contact Link.

What's The Catch?

Well, not everything that is valuable needs to be expensive! These materials are provided free to people who want to use them to make disciples, train leaders, and serve the church. So if you are skeptical, take a look and see how you and those you lead might benefit from Sketches of Leadership! You don't need to sign up or create an account or login or anything, but if you find these sketches helpful, please send an email and let us know how you are using or are planning to use them!

“This teaching is so gentle and humble.”

- Nepali seminarian

“Really these sketches are highly appreciable and useful for building Christian leadership with very strong Biblical insight, and these teaching are necessary for a learner.”

- Pastor Shraban Kumar from Odisha India

“ମୁଁ ପାଳକ ଶ୍ରବଣ କୁମାର, ଓଡିଶା, ଭାରତ । ପ୍ରକୁତରେ ଏହି ସ୍କେଚ୍ ଗୁଡିକ ଉଚକୋଟିର ଏବଂ ପ୍ରଶଂସନିଯ , ଖ୍ରୀଷ୍ଟିଯ ନେତୃତ୍ବ ଗଠନରେ ବହୁ ଉପଯୋଗି ଏବଂ ଏହିଠାରେ ଗଭିରତର ବାଇବଲ ଆଧାରିତ ଶିକ୍ଷା ଅଛି, ଓ ଯାହା ଏକ ଶିଷ୍ୟ ପାଇଁ ଅତି ଆବଶ୍ୟକ ଅଟେ।”