Genesis 1 to 11 Sequence

There is no scripture more foundational than the first 11 chapters of Genesis, depict the creation of the world, God's love for his creatures, man and woman in proper relation to their Lord, and how sin entered in and caused rifts between man and woman, between brothers, in society, and between humanity and its creator. These are fundamental stories of desire and envy, sin and its consequences, judgment and yet mercy and redemption, and point us to a day when God made provision for all sin, once and for all, undoing the curse and providing a way back for humanity into communion with the Lord. The sequence ends with the beginning of Genesis 12, as salvation history moves from the mists of timeless stories into the very personal story of one man, Abraham, who built altars instead of towers.  Download the entire sequence.

More Topical and Biblical Sequences

The Sketches of Leadership are modular and flexible and do not need to be delivered in any particular order, so an experienced trainer can use them in their own context with maximum flexibility. However, some sequences of Sketches have a logical progression and topical continuity.​
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