Basic Biblical Leadership Sequence

This sequence is actually two sequences often used together to form a unified curriculum. The bolded Sketch numbers could be used for a shorter curriculum, while all the Sketches listed form a more complete basic leadership curriculum. To access Sketches, click on a topic or headline. To download individual sketches, go to the Library.
For Leaders of Groups: Helping leaders of small groups understand their role as shepherds and servants, gently influencing not either failing to influence or trying to "rule" with force and harshness. Deals with conflict in relationships, burnout, and the leader's proper relationship with God, one that provides the love, wisdom and other resources needed to lead.

  • Leader as Shepherd, Caring for the Flock: Sketches 1, 2
  • Leader as Servant, Building Trust: Sketches 3, 4, 5
  • Relationship with God, God serves and heals us even as he calls us into ministry: Sketches 11, 12, 13
  • Leader as Sage, God offers wisdom to those who lead: Sketches 34 and 35
  • Leader as Sentinel, Addressing sin well so people will change and thank you: Sketches 8, 9
  • Leading People into Scripture Study: Sketches 31, 32, 33. This series of three Bible Studies shows the three stages of inductive Bible study, looking at scripture passages (inductively) to teach these principles in a powerful and memorable way.
  • The Character of a Leader: Ambition & Humility; burnout & its antidote; learning through failure: Sketches 15, 18, 48, 49

For Leaders of Teams: Helping leaders of ministry teams, elder boards, organizational leadership teams understand their roles as visionaries and managers, communicators and delegators, organizers and leadership multipliers.

More Topical and Biblical Sequences

The Sketches of Leadership are modular and flexible and do not need to be delivered in any particular order, so an experienced trainer can use them in their own context with maximum flexibility. However, some sequences of Sketches have a logical progression and topical continuity.​
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